With more than dozen Final Fantasy games there, it seems little bit confusing to figure out which is the best one. It is been quite a hectic year with hoards of brands introducing their games. However, the Final Fantasy games are bit ahead of all of them. These are technically so advanced and gamers from all around the world enjoy playing Final Fantasy games and with the recent release of some games, it has boosted their gaming sessions.

Below mentioned is the list of top 5 Final Fantasy Games that I really enjoy playing and are also enjoyed by the gamers across the planet.

Final Fantasy XIII

The brand stirs up quite an excitement with the release of Final Fantasy XIII. This game is making its first entry through PS3/360. Like it was expected, there was a great amount of curiosity and eagerness to see and play the game. The gamers’ interest was feverously high. Speaking about the rankings of Final Fantasy games this one tops the chart.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy IX

This game has got 10/10 ratings- this is the game that makes you feel like you are playing it for real. The game is an absolute homage to the fantasy aspects of Final Fantasy. The game is hit because of the story line, medieval settings, kiddi-size characters and old school battle system. The characters looks are made like space aged technology. The characters of this game went on to become great success, introduced by RPG genre to millions of gamers around the world.

Final Fantasy V

Though the game plotting is weak and unattractive, this one has still managed to get included in top five. With the 4 heroes going around the world collecting crystals, the game had gained quite popularity when released. And it is still played with equal enthusiasm. There are many character in this game from lowest to master level category, and has innovative different skills  for each character – it is indeed a beloved addition for the gamers around the world.

Final Fantasy X

FFX is best known for starring a handsome and aggressive hero named Tidus who played an underwater sport. The game is quite different from other games- it provides a brand new gaming experience making it so endearing. The game has got a bright story telling function with realistic characters, graphics, and beautiful voice that brings a refreshing change from the rest of the game series.


Final Fantasy VII

The game has achieved almost a God like adoration- millions of gamers where mesmerized with the complete package that FFVII was presented with. It is the best of FF series, as the heated affection of the gamers has made this game series super hit. There are however handful of flaws to deal with but there is no denying the overwhelming gaming experience not just because of the technology but also the game play and relevant segments. The name of the game practically carries so much of weight that this one seals the success of the series.