Car racing games appeals to all genres. Car racing is fun and has remained all-time favorite amongst elders and kids. Gaming industry has recently introduced a lot of new car games featuring with varied racing stunts. Now a day, countless car racing games can be found in video game section also not to forget Smartphone apps.

These games are great distraction and been the most preferred games for all. People play a lot and have fun recording their scores on the boards to see. They can really compete with the other gamers too.
Road Warrior

The major benefit of playing car game is that these games don’t stop here. A player eventually sees himself/herself drifting with the game, acting as if it is a real life scene trying to drift on curves, around several objects and turns etc.

With hoards of variety available in car games, it is bit difficult which to play, though all are mind boggling interesting.

Below mentioned are the top car 5 games that really give you an adrenaline rush with the high speed sequences.

Road Warrior

Road Warrior holds no streaked racing game. There is no rules and regulations to follow, this game delivers and ultimate fun to the gamer as they are able to race the way they want. The aim of this car game is to complete the race with the highest scores, no matter how the scores are achieved. As the race progresses, the gamer is able to buy performance booster, weapons etc. This will give the gamer the advantage over their competitors. With user friendly controls this car game is highly played.

GT Racing Motor Academy

The game is designed by Gameloft Company, a car racing game that is highly rated. This racing game is inspired by the famous Gran Turismo series, where in the gamer has to pass the driving test in order to participate in the racing circuit. As the race progresses, the gamer will be earning money for their up gradation of the car. With stunning back drop and brilliant racing sequences and features, this racing car game holds all the attention.

Drag Racing

It is a wonderful app designed and developed by Creative Mobile. This car game is very simple yet addictive. It is the racing against other competitors on the race way. The gamer has full control over the car such as breaks, accelerator, gear and N20 that activates the Turbo. This racing game has a lot of features from car racing to car upgrade. Playing this game is practically a fun.

Tilt Racing

With superb graphics and amazing features, this game is some newest type of car racing that includes tilting forward and backward. It has got user friendly controls and has got more 10 unique race tracks to choose from. People who are looking for pure entertainment related to the cars this racing game is highly considered.

Extreme Road Trip

This is an amazing car racing game with all kinds of action packed in one. The objective of this racing game is to get through the finishing line without crashing. The game has easy user controls that makes easy to navigate the car through the mountains and hills.

The above mentioned are the top 5 car games that are played across the world by millions of gamers. Some of these games are available in app form as well as played visually on the television/desktop screen. For the gamers looking for entertainment, adventure and fun, these are the car games to go for. They are considered as the topmost by the gamers world-wide. You just have to choose one of those and see the adventure rolling on the racing tracks.