If you have been waiting to play some great real life kind of games, then you should definitely go for the Advanced Warfare free download. The demo version of this game will enthrall you and will keep you rooted to the game. This game gets released in November 2014 and one can also pre-order this game now.

System requirement for Advanced Warfare free download:

  • Operating System should be Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Steam account would be required for activating and installing the game.

So, if you have a system with Windows 7 or 8, you could easily download this game and have some fun.

Advanced Warfare Free Download

In this game, Advanced Warfare, there is an exosuit which gives the players a variety of super human abilities. It is arguably the most dramatic changes for the game to the formula of the franchise. And, this was in response to the fans who wanted some sort of innovation and change in the series.

When the game was developed in 2011, the exosuit was not quite popular and people were not much aware of it. Even though most of the people on board of the Sledgehammer games were against it, they all came around later and accepted this change. 3 years ago, exo was not known at all. But, now, with films like Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow and Elysium, this trend has changed and everybody is talking only about exo. The military has adopted it and so has the healthcare.

Unlike most of the other games, this game provided the customers with the innovation and changes so that they could enjoy this even more. This Advanced Warfare free download will allow one to download the demo version of the game for free so that one can get to experience its great features. The Advanced Warfare is a huge evolution over all the past games in the warfare series.

The game is divided into 3 main categories. The Advanced World which is quite futuristic. The Advanced Soldier, who are really powerful. With the exosuits, they are like the exoskeletons and are always ready for the battle. They have the abilities and the tactics with which they can easily overpower their enemies. Then, there is the Advanced Arsenal which give the soldiers the hi-tech weaponry and arsenal.

Review of Advanced Warfare:

This is an ultimate game to play for people who are interested in war and war related game. It takes a person on a futuristic journey through technological progresses and military practices. And, the consequences are quite powerful. The game is so well crafted and researched with a future vision. The armed forces are so dominant in this game and fulfill the needs for military outsourcing, redrawing of borders and rewriting of the rules for war. The main lead in this game is Jonathan Irons who is the President of the Private Military Corporations.

Do play the demo game and be geared up for the real game, which is releasing soon. It will give you a lot of adventure and fun.