The worldwide revolution in technology has gifted mankind with immensely beneficial products to make their lives simpler and easier. With course of time, mobile manufacturing organizations are coming up with latest devices to meet the demands of the modern generation as well as the old gizmo freaks. Such a revolution in the mobile technology market is the tablet.

Functionally similar to that of a smart phone, tablets generally run on an Android operating system. But, Blackberry and Apple use their own designed operating system for their tablets known as Blackberry OS and Apple iOS respectively.

Tablets usually have a screen diagonal greater than 7 inches but smaller ones of 6 or 7 inches known as mini tablets have also been introduced. Also a hybrid of smart phones and tablets are being released from 2010 which have a screen diagonal of more than 5 inches and are known as phablets.

Samsumg gamimg tablet

Samsung gaming tablet

To remain a strong contender in the competitive technology market, companies like Apple, Samsung, Dell, LG and others are launching tablets at regular pace with all the latest technologies and features.  Buyers are catered to a lot of choices before buying their personal tablets; they can choose from a variety of tablets available in the market and carefully examine their pros and cons before opting for one.

Tablets powered with Android operating system

The craze and popularity of android has grown impeccably over the last few years with its launch and it is the most preferred operating system of tablet and smart phone users. A part of the success and demand of smart phones and tablets is also largely due to Android. This operating system offers more than 600,000 applications and games, e books, music and more which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

It is a subsidiary of Google and is built with an open source structure making it possible for developers and users to create their own programs or applications and make them available to other users through Google Play Store. Unlike Apple and a few others who have the sole authority over their operating systems, Google has not restricted android to any specific manufacturer.

A number of competitive organizations use it for their tablets. Eminent multinational organizations like LG, Samsung, Dell, etc. use it for their wide range of smart phones, tablets, TVs, and other electronic products. Tablets with the present operating system have user-friendly features with great multi-tasking facilities and voice typing options to make text writing easier.


Blackberry Playbook

It provides widgets to keep important applications on the home screen and is regularly updated with the latest features and technologies. The most recent version of it is the Jelly Bean version 4.2.x and is being installed by all the new tablets that are hitting the market.

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet with 32GB is my favorite which i love playing with. Although there are many more brands and technologies present i simply love playing with this one. 😉

Gaming facilities in tablets

With a screen greater than smart phones and huge range of games offered by Android, the gaming experience in tablets is also a reason for its staggering sales. For gaming enthusiasts, tablets work as portable gaming devices, in which games can be played anywhere, anytime.

Tablets are slowly replacing the portable PlayStations and are becoming the preferred choice of youngsters for the various features it has to offer other than games.

The Google Play Store offers numerous games and developers are specially designing games for tablets. Touch screen, motion sensor technology, accelerometers as well as high-end graphics take gaming to another level, compelling gamers to opt for tablets.

Therefore tablets are the new craze of gizmo freaks and are slowly gaining recognition as the mini computer. With Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, communication and surfing is of top notch quality. Powerful graphics and display, light weight and an attractive design make tablets the most opted gadget.