Animal Jam is a children’s game that allows them to learn different things about their natural habitat, ecosystem, and many animals that are facing constant threat or extinction because of the ongoing environmental changes. It can also be said that the game is a counterpart to the National Geographic’s magazine for kids. Those children who aren’t interested in reading can play this game and can still learn lots of interesting things.

Animal Jam

Characters in the Game

The start of the game is fascinating. When you play the game, a female voice guides you to choose an animal character for you. You can even customize this character by adding different colors or layers. Then you are given different compound name choices from which you are supposed to pick one for your character. After selecting the character, there comes the process of registering. You can use codes in this game to get hidden gems.


The registration of the game requires a username and password that children are supposed to enter. Apart from this, they are also asked to submit an email to their parents. Parents are then requested to sign up for the game to monitor and restrict the activities of their children. If parents do not provide confirmation in fifteen days, the registration of children is canceled. If parents provide the confirmation, children are then allowed to play the game.


Although the game is very simple, but there is a lot to learn in the game. Initially, children learn to move their characters, and as they keep on learning, they are introduced to new activities like parties, etc. There are different types of the parties in the game, and not all members are allowed to attend each party.

Currency in the Game

There are two currencies in the game, and one of them is gems. You earn more and more gems as you complete more and more adventures. Gems are free to earn. The other currency is a diamond currency that you can only get by subscription. The diamond currency has different perks as well. With the help of it, you can unlock different costumes for your character, and you can also customize your nameplate.

Safety of the Game

Initially, when the children are registering, they are told about the privacy of the information. Children are told that they shouldn’t give their personal data to anyone else. In a similar manner, children can play the game only with the permission of their parents which makes them behave appropriately. The T-shirts for this game can be purchased from Forward.