Battleship game is essentially a guessing game designed for two players. The origin of the game dates back to World War 1 era, wherein it was fondly called pencil and paper game.

The game’s direction is guided by 4 grids, 2 for each player. The grids are in square shape in 10X10 matrixes. Each singular square in the grid is classified by letter and number. One grid is utilized by the player to arrange ships and note down the shots by the opponent player.

The second grid is utilized by the player to record his own accomplishments i.e. shots. Before embarking on the game, each player clandestinely gets his ships arranged on the primary grid.

Each ship takes up a number of sequential squares on the grid in either the horizontal or vertical direction. The number of squares occupied by each ship will be determined by the ship’s type. No overlapping of positions in the case of ships is allowed. This implies only a single ship can take hold of any given square at a time in the grid.

Each player is entitled to get the same number and type of ships so that both of them set out on the journey from the same level ground. However, slight variations are admissible as per the rules and the plot of the game.

Once the ships have been anchored, the battleship game moves forward in a series of stages. In every round, the player takes turns to announce a target square in the next player’s grid which is to be aimed for shooting. A ship occupying the square takes a hit.

The opponent player brings to light if one of his ships has been shot or not. Following this, the opponent aims his shots at the 1st player’s ships. The ship is lost when the entire array of its squares have been hit. The game comes to a close when the entire spectrum of one player’s ships have been targeted and sunk.

Many variations of the original battleship game are now available which tend to heighten the plot and intensity by injecting a fresh set of characters and controls. The game will set your heart racing and challenge your mental faculties.

The process of outwitting your opponent essentially calls for the ability to make decisions quickly and strategically. The game is quite amusing and fun to play. Showcase your cool attitude with this awesome and classy game.


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