With the advent of latest technology and wireless communication, what we witness today is a revolution of a wireless era. From the basic wired telephonic devices, it has now reached to the world of wireless gadgets amongst different age groups.

Mobiles have become a ubiquitous gadget which was used exclusively to text and call others. When the tech developers researched about the viability of using internet to release its signals from the desktop to mobile, what we see today is a world in our palms. Smartphones, tablets and phablets are most popular amongst the youngsters and business people. They get almost all their utilities fulfilled more than the convenience of a desktop PC or a Laptop.

With the Mobile Operating System, you are able to do all sorts of work as per your need such as payment of utility bills, e-commerce, mobile banking, audio and video editing and the like. With the advent of advanced mobile operating systems and hardware mobiles has become slimmer, elegant and lightweight. Mobiles come with high resolution camera, HD clarity picture, high-speed internet connectivity like 3G and LTE, and similar new generation applications.

Android Games

Popular operating system that are available today

Let us see in brief about various mobile OS available in the market today. Blackberry (BB) Operating System developed by Research in Motion (RIM) is popular amongst business class and now this has become a favorite across the mobile users for its unique BBM messenger allowing unlimited messaging with other Blackberry user.

Windows Mobile OS developed by Microsoft is another popular OS available in the market. Then you have the innovative and creative iPhone that runs iOS owned and developed by Apple Inc. Symbian OS developed by Symbian Foundation was once the most popular operating system run by most of the mobile phone brands. Today it is facing a stiff competition with Android and iOS.

Five Most Popular Games You Must Have For Your Android Device

This article will bring you about the adventures of beautiful mobile operating software called Android owned by Google INC. This is world’s most popular Operating system used by various age groups. The main reason for its popularity is that there are millions of applications that can be downloaded from its popular android market called Google Play.

Let us see the top 5 Android games that are most popular and downloaded by the gaming freaks for fun and adventure.

  1. Temple Run 2- Playing this game you run, jump, slide and turn to escape from the ghosts. When the first version had a millions of downloads, the latest version have crossed 170 million downloads! With easy navigation and easy to use gaming interface, this tops the grossing in the Google Play market. Download and install it today.
  2. Need For Speed Most Wanted- When this was already the most popular game in computers; it is wordless to say when the mobile gaming experience took the gear with NFS Series. High resolution graphics, new circuits and smooth controls have drifted the youngsters to accelerate this game amongst the top 5 android games.
  3. Gangstar RIO- This is a thriller game with action as its theme. An entertaining game with advanced graphics and magnificent sound effects makes this game a favorite one.
  4. FIFA- For those football enthusiasts, FIFA 2012 edition brings awesome graphics, excellent controls, power packed sounds and replays. An exact sibling of the computer game series, this is a must have for your android device.
  5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City- Living the life a famous gansta, this brings the spirit of a gamer alive. Votes as one of the most popular and addictive games for the PC market, just download and install this game and feel that extra gaming guts.

Bring these games to your mobile and make your gaming alive.

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