With the release of Kinect games, Microsoft has all set to transform the gaming industry completely. The advent of motion sensing controllers has opened the gates to the future gaming. Kinect for Xbox 360 have blown those doors off its hinges. Gamers can now expect an ultimate gaming experience playing Kinect games online.

Here are the top five Kinect games that have a huge fan following across the world and these games have arguably ended up as the best games available in the gaming industry.

The Stick Of Truth: South Park

There are several hilarious games reference to “South Park”, so far there is been no game designed and developed on the animated series and that is when “Stick of truth” steps in. This ultimate entertaining blast is developed by the creative minds of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Obsidian Entertainment.

In this game you can directly take up the role of the new kid at the school. The kid is on the quest to make new friends which eventually turn out to be a battle of evil versus good.

Blacklist: Tom Clancy’s Splinter

The character Sam Fisher is a tough guy to kill– a virtual super-agent looks even invincible in this upcoming “Blacklist Tom Clancy’s”. In this new version he is been granted a new game play feature called killing in motion that lets you highlight the target in slow motion and take them out in quick succession.

Blacklist Tom Clancy's Splinter

Dead Space 3

Unless you have Kinect, no one can hear you scream. Dead space 3 is a great addition to the sci-fi horror series. Visceral games are the developers of this master mind game. The game’s masked hero is has now joined hands with Sergeant John Carver to fight with Necromorphs baddies.

The best part about having this game in Kinect platform is you do not have to deal with menus instead use Kinect Voice commands and tell you team mate to share. If you get separated you can yell for the help that shows the location on the map.


This Kinect game is a brutal combat simulator with the character strapped in the sandals of gladiator and all set to offend the attack of the combatant. The backdrop is the set of ancient Rome; the game music is quite thrilling that rolls in new tones throughout the game. In here the Kinect motion controls are used to thrust one arm to use as a shield and another as a sword hand. The motion sense can also recognize a head butt and when to kick the butt to knock your opponent’s off balance.

Crimson Dragon

It is from the Panzer Dragoon series- it is a shooting game when you play the dragon roams in the sky for dragon fights against the series of enemies. Kinect has made this game more exciting since the dragon’s projectile fights can be controlled and played with your right and left hands.

So, if you are thinking to get Kinect Xbox 360 then the above mentioned are the top 5 Kinect games available. Some of them are about to be arrived as the teasers are out displaying the new version that are irresistible to any gamer.