Force of will cards is a wonderful game involving a war between God and Demons. It is based on a script that in ancient period, there was a land where God and Demons carried out war.

The land was embellished with 5 Elements, Valhalla. Even after a long time, the war between them never stopped and would repeat itself. And, the fighting would soon involve the people living in Valhalla. The God and Demons then create tactics to add and reincarnate powerful, radiant souls into their battle team for helping in their cause.

force of will cards

They heard a whisper…”In exchange for your soul, I shall bestow upon you power unimaginable…” People start gathering together to create a new way to a bright future and made agreements that would give them new powers. People who fight for their beliefs, who fight for the Gods and those who fight against the Gods will have their spirits driven into the battle, and commence the battle.

Playing this wonderful Force of will cards game includes some rules and conditions. As a player, you have to select a Ruler who will represent you in the game, and make a deck of cards around the ruler.

Make a separate deck of 10-20 magic stone cards as well. When it is your turn, you have to draw cards from your deck and play various types of cards to the field, which will interact with you and your opposite player’s cards. Different types of cards you will play include;

Magic Stones: These cards create ‘Will’ that you will use to pay the cost of other cards

Spells: These cards let you support your resonators with different effects or block your opposite resonators

Resonators: These are creatures you bring together to aid in the battle to defeat your opposite person

Additions: These are enhancements that increase their own resonators or weaken opposite ones.

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