The 90’s saw the race games such as Pacman, Asteroids and Frogger. Released in 1981 by Konami, Frogger became one of the most widely played games during that time. It was part of the golden era in Arcade video games. In those days, you would find frogger in every gaming arcade and also in home consoles.

Konami, the Japanese game development company created it and the world distribution rights for the game belonged to Sega/gremlin. This game is popular even today and many sites on the internet allow you to play frogger game online.

The recent versions of frogger of cell phones are extremely popular and frequently downloaded from various App stores. Initially its market was confined mainly in the United States, but gradually it became popular throughout the world.

Frogger game online

Gameplay – Simple and Addictive

The objective of the game is quiet simple. The sole objective is to direct some frogs to their home. The trick is that the path is full of obstacles which you will have to overcome. The roads would be full a speeding vehicles and there would be a river which would be full of different hazards. All you need to do is get the frogs home safely one by one.

The number of frogs you start with is the number of attempts you are going to get. The river contains crocs, turtles and other hazards which must be crossed within a given definite amount of time. If you complete the level skillfully with a lot of time in hand you will be rewarded with bonus points. These bonuses give you a number of crucial abilities like catching a bug or helping another frog in difficulty. It can be used in different points of the game.

There are various ways that may cause the death of your frog from like, being hit by a vehicle, drowning in the river water, being eaten by snakes or otter or crocodiles. In each level the only way to win is to take every frog to its home safely.

Once you have done it only then can you proceed on to the next level. A similar to this game was created in 1991 by Sega, called Rabbit. Though the game featured better graphics and game play than the original one, it could not match its popularity. Nowadays playing frogger game online is a trend developing among the youth.

Modern Avatars of the Classic

Due to its popularity there has been constant up gradations in frogger. The second version came out in 1984, followed by many such versions. ‘Frogger’s Adventure: The Rescue‘ in 2003 and ‘Frogger: Helmet Chaos‘ of 2005 were the most popular among the lot. Due to changing demand of the market the Xbox version and the Nintendo version was released in 2006.

Many online versions were also released which gave rise to the trend of playing frogger game online. In recent times, frogger has also been released for various mobile platforms such as Windows OS, iOS and android. ‘Frogger free’ for iOS was the recent version to be released for apple devices, it came out in 2011. Frogger lovers all round the world are eagerly waiting for the 2013 edition ‘Frogger 3’.

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