Goodbye aliens pocket edition has been released on 1st January 2015. The game is related with the space wars and aliens. It lets players discover the elements of space along with wormhole which creates the war. Zigor is held responsible for invading the planet earth. It also clashes the clans of the planet thereby leading to wars and restlessness.

Goodbye AliensThe major task of the player is to save the planet from the wars of the opponents. The human race which has been endangered by the aliens requires being protected. One is expected to shoot the players in classical style.

Apart from killing the aliens and protecting the mother earth, players are also expected to collect coins and overcome the obstacles while making the way through the next level. The challenge waits for the player!!

Main mission of the Goodbye aliens pocket edition game

  • Shooting, jumping and running
  • Getting rid of the unwanted and dangerous aliens
  • Saving the earth in classical style by jumping and hitting them hard by using different equipment

Features of the game include:

  • The game is full on supported by android devices because of which they are not required to play it online or on computers
  • Classical style graphics
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Endlessly addictive
  • 4 distinct kinds of world themes

If in case you are fond of playing something retro style, then this game is sure to impress you. The free to download game is readily available at Google play store.

Check it here: