Remember playing with dolls and doing all those dressing activities with your friends! Those were the fun days that you relish from time to time. Now a day, it is played with a bit of advancement added to it. No doubt the fun has doubled as this dress up game is now played online.

Millions of girls are now enjoying playing dress up game online as it offers hundreds of selection stored in the database. Each of these games is designed as per latest fashion and girls find it so appealing in dressing up their dolls, doing make-up and hair-do the way they want to. It’s not just girls or teenagers; women too are enjoying playing this video game on the web.

Online dress up game is for all ages, it allows you to work with assortment of make-ups, different kinds of accessories and clothing to create new look for your virtual doll. Dress up games often fall under categories of fashion games and mainly meant for trendy girls that loves fashion and style.

Dress Up Game

These dressing games are not only a medium for fun but it also offers learning for girls as they learn a lot about latest fashion and trend with this dress up game. While playing this game, there are certain things that can help girls earn points as they begin playing.

Here are some of those winning tips:

Dressing: In many dress up games, you are provided with a model and supposed to dress up and make them look attractive and fashionable. You can dress up your model from the variety of dresses, tops, and jeans. In some dress up game, you are allowed to designed outfit yourself, this way the game sees your creativity and make you earn good points.

Accessories: This online dress up games allows you to dress up their virtual model with varied kinds of accessories. There are lots of funky accessories available to match with different kinds of dressing style right from earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and much more. They are available in varied types of shapes, color and design to match with the dress that you have put on your model.

Hairdos: For any fashion conscious girl, hairstyle is a must thing that goes with fashion. These dress up games allows you to try different hair styles on your model which is available in assortment of hair color such as blonde, black, brown, and other varied hair color like red, pink, green and purple. Have them match with your dressing styles to earn best of the points in the game.

Some of this online dress up games put famous virtual celebrity model such as Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez to pretend dressing and styling your favorite character which is now more fun with the advent of online video game.

You can play these games alone or compete with your friends in dressing the models. The best part is that you can get entertained for hours with these games without getting bored.

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