There are many games in the market that are quite expensive. But the world’s most expensive video game is the Grid 2 Mono edition. Players can order it from the market anytime. The exclusive edition is available for the customer. It includes the highest anticipated racing video games. It is a road legal and high performance supercar.

It is the star in the game. Even it has got the title from Guinness world record as the most expensive game that is commercially available. It also includes some additional ranges for the buyers. The players can enjoy the wonderful experience in the car racing game.

Grid 2 Mono Edition Game

The Game – Breaking Guinness world record

The racing game can provide players with the real life experience in driving. The game can also be available in PlayStation 3. Grid 2 has a supercar named BAC Mono. It has bell racing helmet. You can customize the specifications and size of BAC Mono. The game has race boots, gloves and suit.

This game offers a person to have a unique experience of the super car. This game deserves to be the most expensive video game. It is a really stunning game that focuses to deliver an ultimate experience of driving. Mono has an expression of both virtual and real world.

The Grid 2 Mono Edition has a record breaking achievement. It is also a long waited sequel of the Race Driver: GRID. It can invite the player to have a race with the best exciting cars in the city streets. It has open roads and licensed circuits. The gamers can enjoy the journey of the racing superstar.

This game is in the top series of world racing game. It can provide you a professional motorsport world. Recently this game has been updated for a better version than before. Nowadays games are considered to show off about the style and fashion.

People of all ages love to play video games. The games that have supercars are favorites of any person. The supercar has to be expensive. Likewise, the Grid 2 Mono Edition is most expensive video game. Even celebs like to play this game in their free time. It is a game that is considered for the rich people. It has high strength of carbon fiber. This game is really fast. There is no one who will not be mesmerized with the beauty of the car. Even some sites are providing it in reasonable prices for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.