Loved those deck building games of days gone by? Many kids of the 80’s and 90’s grew up playing deck games. However, the games aren’t as popular today as they were once. It is perhaps because of the

And there is one company who is hoping to change that.

Grimmwar is a deck game that will have everything you need. It is potentially bringing deck games to households again, in a different but exciting way. It is a classic deck building and monster game and you can choose your own monster. So, you can choose from a Legion or an Alpha.


Your aim would be to defeat the hunters. This deck player game will support as many as five players and each has to be any of the seven Alpha monsters of Grimmwar. The aim is to create the strongest deck who can represent their legion. You will need to defeat the Hunters who will come across trying to stop you from your reign of terror. Users will get access to numerous cars to help them and interestingly, some good cards can only be obtained if they sabotage their opponents. You can even gift, exchange or rig opponent’s cards time to time, sparking rivalry like no other.

Backers can win exciting gifts too, and you can pledge as little as $5. Those who pay in $20 or more can actually get their hands on the game even before it is physically released, which is an exciting affair. And if you can spend in more than $250 on the game, you can even be a part of the game, and have your own minion card designed in it.

This project on Kickstarter requires as much as $10,000 to be able to kick off, and has already raised as much as $4,000. It is still there for another 22 days, so you can pledge your money to the game now.

The game does hold promise and with the rightbackers, we might just see the classic deck game with monsters reinvented for us again.

You can support this project and join them at: