All of those who love retro video games and the experience that they have when playing them are going to want to check out this Indiegogo project. It is a new game that is meant to be like those that were made in the past. Back in the good old days, when video games were simple and fun. Everyone who enjoys that kind of thing should be sure to check this out. When they see what this game is all about, and how much work those who are making it have put into it, they will get interested. They will want to give this game their support because of how great it is.

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This game will bring back memories of the good old days. It will help all of those who love retro games to have something good to do. It is something that many are going to love because of the old fashioned way in which it is made, and it is something that is going to do well. So, everyone should get behind it and make it into something good by donating to this project.

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