Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games is what MMORPG is about. Sure the makers of the game would have thought of something flashy for MMORPG if they would have known that this would go on and become a huge hit in the gaming world.

MMORPG games come in all sizes and shapes. Whether you are a veteran player whose gaming experience exceeds to more than that “wow” factor or you are just a beginner level who is trying out a hand in playing one of these games, these are the games to go with which will never disappoint you.

World of Warcraft MMORPGKnow that you have lots of options to choose from. Therefore if you are looking for the best gaming experience, we have list prepared for you. The top MMORPG games are:

  • World Of Warcraft
  • Dream Of Mirror Online
  • Final Fantasy X1
  • Runescape
  • Entropia Universe
  • Lineage 2
  • Guild Wars
  • Aion- The Tower of Eternity
  • League of Legends

In present date there are many free MMORPG games available to play. With lots of options it is pretty confusing which to choose. To make your task easier, we have lined up the top 5 free MMORPG games for you.

Top 5 free MMORPG games

Atlantica Online

This online free game comes equipped with a lot of content that you literally feel that it has covered the world map. The gamers can explore each continent from Southern Korea to plush green forests to the mountains of the North America. Obviously, the game is painted with the world of fantasies and amazing game to indulge.

Fiesta Online

With cute graphic, the game lures you into the new fantasy world. If you are worried about the parental guidance then not to, as there is no such actions or scene displayed just massive dungeons.

Runes Of Magic

The game have charted to the top for having the best free “Wow” aspects. The game is created keeping in mind the “World of Warcraft” game, but it is the combination of its own distinct features. It has an interfaced design and an artistic style and other exquisite features that are so captivating.

Perfect World

While playing this game it literally makes you feel like stepping into a perfect world. The game has managed to capture the attention of the gamers across the world. The game solidly emphasize on grouping and questing. The gamers are exposed to different oddities like long jump, wall jump, high wall climbing and much more.

Gates Of Andaron

The game is similar to that of “World of Warcraft” created by a German company. The interface, levels and even the graphic style are similar, since the entire gaming package is offered at the zero cost a fool can only refuse to play. Indeed has the entire wow factor that gamers expect to while playing an online game.

The above mentioned games are the top 5 MMORPG games you may consider for. The popularity graph itself shows that the games are amazingly popular across the globe and gamers are keen on to step in this virtual world to enjoy the real thrill and excitement. The games offered by MMORPG are loaded with all kind of entertainment. So, just play these games and have fun.