Lemmings game is simple yet impressive. Although the first release of this game was not like today’s high definition games yet it was very impressive. And as the time has passed, the newer versions are being developed as per the requirements of today’s children as they like to play good speed and high definition based games, it is now the same.

If you had never played the game before, I suggest taking a look at it. I am sure that you will enjoy it very much because it has a latest 3D version too for 3D games lovers! You will find exciting classic game here and this one is totally different than any other one. It is based on rating of lemmings game that most of the people who buy this game love to buy new version too!!

Lemmings Game

The updated graphics and animations of lemmings game make the game more adventurous and enjoyable. As I saw in old versions, the game still possess the power to drag anyone near the game and I don’t think that even mummy can say no to play this game after watching it. It is mummy and grand mummy friendly too!! That is fact, no one can say no to play it.

Lemmings game was developed by Amiga in 1991. This game was a huge famous for a long time and as the each new version released, it amazed the players every time with new creations and excitements in game. Basically lemmings are little furry that are so cute. They don’t know how to pass through the path and they need someone to guide them and keep them alive. You will get predetermined amount of lemmings at the beginning of each level and you will have to guide them through the level exit point.

You must avoid the danger and pass safely from the dangerous and creepy place. Diggers, bashers, climbers, floaters, pickers, bombers, blockers, and builders are several types of lemmings. You need to guide them in what they should do to keep alive till the end of the level, for example, dig through stuff, bombing stuff, climbing stuff, etc. you will need to take some decisions to keep alive as many lemmings as you can till the end of each level. As long as you can survive to maintain the minimum ratio of lemmings per level, you will move to the next herder level, and you will reach near to the destiny.

The new Sony PSP Lemmings version has great sound that will fit for a home theater system and it has stunning video graphics that are admirable in today’s modern gaming standards. This game allows you to create your own custom levels or upload your levels. This is the next evolution of the gaming technologies. If still you are in confusion about lemmings game then you surely need to buy it so that you can see what the effects and adventure this game has!!

Lemmings – Lemming 1 (Pachebel’s Canon) Megamix


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