There are numerous, different kinds of offline and online games designed every year. It is been witnessed that the popularity of the gaming industry is rising every passing day and Mario games are topping the list no matter which age or genre. Mario games are one of the oldest and the most popular game which has been played by all age group people.

Mario games are the most classic and influential video game of all time and has come long way from being just a game. The game is introduced in several versions and editions. Since, it debut  the total number of its appearances has reached for more than 200, this is the kind of popularity that no other game has conquered. The popular version are Mario forever, Mario snow, Super Mario, Old Mario, Super Mario Star Scrabble and the list goes on.

New Super Mario Bros

Mario games have been the best-selling games of all times and since it became an integral part of Nintendo the game soon was converted into series to which some where sports fun, adventurous, role playing, puzzles, fighting etc. For this reason alone, Mario games were able to provoke the interest in any game enthusiastic.

Mario games now a day are widely played online for free. Also, if you have Nintendo you can buy series of these games for your entertainment. All the games of Mario have interesting back drops, amazing music that generates fun-filled environment. As you head ahead, the music and the backdrop keeps on changing making it more interesting than ever. Now a day, you will also get interesting remixes version available that quickens your game tempo. If not into buying, you can always download from different websites which are offering it for free.

To download and play Mario games, they come with easy to installation procedure. Although you need to make sure that the games are safe to download in terms of virus and other threats.  The game has undergone huge makeover to that of earlier days in terms of programming and graphics. It is much sleeker, quicker and entertaining. This is one game that all types of masses enjoy whether it is played for fun or you want to relieve your stress, it serves the purpose.

Mario games still make waves and keep on doing every time with new releases, it’s just that they weren’t just to set standards, they were developed and created milestones in the gaming industry.

Top Ten Mario Games of All Time!