Pacman game has garnered widespread popularity in the gaming community with almost every gamer having tried his hands at least once on this thrilling masterpiece. The game owes its origin to the Japanese company, Namco.

The game has a unique appeal for youngsters in which it induces an adrenalin rush. Pacman has been coroneted as a landmark in video game annals. The twenty nine years old game is still revered highly by its fans despite its vintage approach. The game does not pack in itself an extravagance of graphics and audio, nevertheless the plain graphics hold the attention of game lovers.

The basic plot of the pac man game is simple. The computer’s arrow keys are to be used to guide the course of a snapping pacman through the maze within which it tries to eat all the white dots. The challenging aspect of the game is to shun the multiple ghosts’ viz. Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Blinky, that hold the power to jeopardize the pacman’s existence. Pacman can derive demolishing power from the power pills, which capacitate it to feed on the ghosts.

Extra points can be earned by consuming fruits that occasionally show up in the maze. The effect of the power pills on ghosts is pronounced with their color changing to deep blue. They change direction and move slowly. The game comes to a close when the entire set of lives has been lost. There are 256 levels in the game that are quite amusing, challenging and fun to play; with the difficulty level soaring with each step.

The popularity of the Pacman Game has been monetized by companies since 80s, with the market being overwhelmed with lots of merchandise like cubs, stickers, cartoons, pyjamas etc bearing the pacman logo. Pacman has been released in many variants after the huge success of its initial avatar. 3D versions of the game are also available. The plot of the game has been enriched through addition of more characters and power packs.

The pac man game idea has been borrowed to bring into origin other variants like puzzle games, adventure games and kart racer. The game challenges players to test their limits. Pacman game has been conferred numerous awards, notable among them being eight Guiness world records. The game has tremendous entertainment value. Occasional competitions are being held to adjudge the best player in the world. Take you gaming experience to the next level with this awesome game.


PAC-MAN GAMES – iPad 2 – HD Gameplay Trailer