Online games are nothing but video games played over the internet connection. This is the new trend in present era of gaming as playing through online server is more thrilling than playing single. These online games will be connected to main server and will be having many online players around the globe.

The advantages of online games are, it will be free of cost and many online players will be available for a competition. The game will be of real time and thus it could be played at any time. Even chat and conversation is available in game, which is very helpful to find friends around the globe.

The best and one of the top winning games on internet is Tetris Online Game. This game has won many awards over many years. It’s a free game, which will be available easily on internet on any online gaming website. Even Facebook have a game app of the same.

There are many versions for Tetris online game, new innovations are developed in order to make the game little easier than before. One of the advantages of this game is, it’s played with mind and brain, and so much concentration will be put on this.

Tetris game online

Tetris Online Game – Play and have fun

Tetris originally programmed and developed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. It’s a game which is having geometric shape of four squared bricks. These square bricks will give out shapes of; I, Z, T, J, L, S and O made up with only four bricks. These random Tetriminos will fall down from the top of the screen. The player has to move left or right, and can be allowed to rotate each Tetriminos.

The main part of the game is to make a line of 10 bricks horizontally, if it is made, the horizontal line will be disappeared and the bricks above it will get down to its position.

The gamer have to remove all the bricks accordingly before the bricks get filled in the screen. When the player achieves a specific point by making many horizontal lines, the game will enter to a new level. The new level will be little faster than the previous.

This game will develop the brain cells to work properly. It’s a quite good game for kids as well as for adults. If the game is on internet, it will be very exciting to play with whole world. The highest score will be put up on the list with their names; this will make other players to motivate themselves.

There are many names over the internet for the Tetris online game. But the principles of all the games will be same as before with bit of modification for the easiness of the players. So what are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy your gaming time, just go with Tetris game online and have fun.

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