There are different types of video games that the young boys love to play and among them the monster garage game is very famous and preferred by them.

This is such a game that most of the boys love to play and there are different series to this game. If you give this game to any young boy then, you will find that once they start playing this game they get too much addicted to this.

This is a very interesting game and is loved by not only the young boys but also the elder ones too.

About the monster garage game

As we all have heard about the monster garage game but, very few people know in detail about this game. There are different series to this game and among them the Jewel case is the most famous one. Once you start playing you will find that you can give challenge to your co-players.

You have to start the game with a very limited budget and later you will be able to achieve an ambitious goal. It has at least 7 challenging missions and all of them are very interesting. With this game you will get many individual parts that you have to construct and have to make it complete.

Price of the game

As we know that the monster garage game comes with many series and hence the price varies. But, it is not at all expensive and none of the series are more than $50.

It can be very easily affordable and are found in almost all the markets. In case you want to order it online, you will find that the free shipping is also available with this product at Amazon. Amazon is an online store where you can buy out any product at cheapest price. It offers risk free and hassle free shopping.

Review of the game

Before you decide to buy monster garage game it is advisable that you at least know a bit whether people liked to play this game or not. You will find that more than 90% people have voted for this game and they find it to be a very interesting one.

It may create a bit problem while installation but, if you do it correctly then it is not at all a problem. Thus, we can find that this game is extremely popular and the young boys and even the elder people also love to play this game a lot.


Monster Garage 1st level