Polar Bowler Game created by WildTangent is one of the most popular bowling games currently in market. Its popularity is largely due to its awesome game play along with cool graphics and animations.

The overall game is quite addictive and once you get started, you will not wish to take your hands off it. Primarily it was created for Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. The first version came out in 2004 and completely was marketed by WildTangent. In 2009, the company released a version especially designed for Nintendo DS.

Polar Bowler Games

Game Play and Requirements

The primary polar bowler game consists of two major modes Straight Bowl and Power Bowl. In power bowl the user has capacity to use power ups. The game is Arctic themed. The graphic element is fantastic with good action and the snow part has been completely utilized.

The object is quite simple like basic bowling i.e. to knock down as many pins as possible. But the fun part is that instead of a bowling ball you will be using the character you are about to knock down. Once done you can pull the character back with a single slingshot.

There are a few basic requirements for playing the PC version of the game. You must at least have an 800 MHZ processor or above. The Ram must be at least 256 MB, but to obtain the best game you should prefer 512 MB RAM. The graphics of the game is quiet impressive therefore you will need a direct x version of 7.0 or above.

The PC version runs on all new windows OS such as 7, vista and XP. The game runs perfectly well on windows platforms as well as on the Nintendo DS platforms. MumboJumbo is responsible for the release of the game in Nintendo format.

Polar Bowler 1st Frame

In 2013 the first mobile and smart phone version of the game was released. Paler Bowler 1st frame is by far one of the most popular bowling games to be released for the mobile platform. The basic element of the game has remained same as the PC version with some minor changes being made; as the market is changing needs are becoming somewhat different.

It is available through iTunes for Apples iOS based smart phones. The company WildTangent has plans of releasing the polar bowler game for android phones as well. It is expected to have really a good impact on the market, as more users nowadays prefer playing games on their touch screen phones.

The basic structure is the same as before, as you know a polar bear along the 10 pin bowling lane and control its movement. There will be occasion when crates will be dropped and collecting them will give you some reward points.

There are boosts in the crate that you can use while power up, in boosts includes abilities such as inflate, snowball throw and balloon pop. The game calculates other things also than just your score such as velocity at which you are hitting and hitting the bumper multiple number of times.

So download polar bowler game and come into the wonderfully and crazy fun arctic world of Polar bears.

Cool polar bowler game