Most of the FPS games usually lack actual teamwork coordination as well as strategy. This is a gap that really needs to be filled. This is what Project NOR kickstarter project seeks to address. By definition, Project NOR is a shooting arena which mainly focuses on teamwork coordination, something which is lacking in most FPS games. In this exciting game, there is no killing of any player.

Instead, what happens is that players are prevented from completing their objective. This is done by stunning, Spawning blockades, Teleporting and using EMPS. It is a complete shift from the usual idea of killing other players in order to win. This is a situation where all players successfully complete their objective at hand.

Project NOR

What Platforms will Project NOR support playing ?

Project NOR will support online play with others and offline play with bots. Efforts have also been put in place to ensure that local 4 player split screen is supported on all platforms.

Here are the Mechanics of Project NOR

Project NOR enables to do different things. They can spawn emps, stun, teleport enemy players and spawn walls.

Stunning shoots out slow moving blasts of electricity at other players. When a player gets hit, he becomes blinded and immobilized temporarily.

Teleporting the enemy takes them to the furthest point from you but also has a slow cooldown.

Wall Spawning can be used to temporarily block paths in order to buy time for but has a slow cooldown.

The above mechanics create some new problems for players which can only be solved through teamwork and coordination

What are the targeted platforms?

Steam (PC)

Wii U

Xbox One

When will the game be ready?

Once this kickstarter project is funded, the presently open game registration and log in for the public alpha will be restricted to qualifying backers.

In conclusion, Project NOR is indeed a nice kickstarter project that will bring a new change to games though the idea of teamwork and coordination. This will not only entertain people but also educate them on the significance of teamwork.

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