Star Wars is famous action and adventure game released by JVC in year 1991. It was especially for Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was originally based on the movie “Star Wars”. Star wars game is famous since 1991 and it has huge graphical and sound changes since oldest version.

The star wars is filled with adventurous journey of a player and it drives you to the gateway of another universe where you are the hero and you need to save so many things around you! There are so many enemies who are fighting against you. You must fight Banthas, Boba Fett, Bounty Hunters, Flying Insectoids, Giant Slugs, Imperial Storm troopers, Jawas, Sand people, Various Droids, Womp Rats and more dangerous villains to save the universe!

The new latest version of Star wars game is just like a thunder of mind blowing terror and adventure. It is graphically and sound wise genius game. This one is the most popular series of Avid Games. There are so many releases of this game and most of them gained popularity as it is always changing according to the technologies to amaze you every time you buy this game.

Star Wars Game

In the vast ocean of games, Star wars game is one of the top favorite among gaming enthusiasts. The Star wars game has so many new and latest high graphical versions which takes you to the ride of adventure. The game has its very original sounds.

For example, it has original sounds of shoots, glass breaking and other exciting sounds that make the game more interesting. The levels are so realistic and the most competitive enemies who have the ability to think, react, and interact like human beings are just amazing to play with.

It is your time for action

There are so many secrets about galaxy that you need to reveal in Star wars game. And the most exciting feature, if you want to be a hero than you can play a role to save the galaxy. But if you want to play a role that would be little different than this, you have a choice to be Darth Vader’s or other’s “Secret Apprentice”.

The Star Killer!! Darth Vader’s “Secret Apprentice” has four secret Force powers. Repulse, lightning, grip, and Force push. You can use these powers individually or you can use them as a combined power to completely destroy your enemies. In this game, you will get different roles and different weapons to destroy the enemies and you will get full control over your powers so that you can save your galaxy from unknown invaders and known enemies.

Star wars game is space combat game for two players. You can get the control of most advanced and most amazing galaxy. You have a freedom to choose or introduce your own obstacles if you want. You can set the number of them which increases the difficulty and add fun to the fame. You can add your own objects which could be planet sized or more.

There are phases of this game which is the unique part of this game and it is my favorite. Planning phase, Activation phase, Combat phase and finally End phase leads you to the next round. I am so sure about it that this game drives insane and it so addictive as it has everything a perfect game should have. I will not advice anyone to think about it, just buy and play!!! Take a look and it will drive you insane!!

Top 5 Star Wars Games by Jaz