Strange tidings are developing in the interconnected worlds of Ultima Online. Nothing describes this better than the twist of fate. Otherwise, why would the world with the mythical emblem of UO, arranged in the formation akin to the zodiac sign of Taurus, has the demon bull-lord Virtuebane as the main protagonist?

You can see the obvious coincidental connection between the Taurean zodiac sign (The Bull represents Taurus), the mythical logo of UO, and the conflicts of the Bull Demon Virtuebane. You realize the tidings of something crucial, an unmistakable touch of destiny, and the role you have in the conflict. In the complicated multilayered world, everyone has their roles. What is your part, warrior? How do you awaken to the awakening?

World of Ultima Online

The divine alignment

The world, once created, accommodated the creators. The worlds continuously intertwine, creating mythical magical realities. You feel your presence in the lands of Falucca and those that created later on. You feel the conflicts, inside and outside, which is also a virtual reality. The real and the surreal interact in intense magic, the tales of which are only comprehensible to your compatriots and opponents in Ultima online. They have been feeling the alignment too. The rise of Virtuebane to conspicuousness, and his mighty army battling for the control of Sosaria, has been having profound implications to those who can realize the connection. Some are new to the world, waking up to the excitement, and there is always help to guide the uninitiated into magic.

The dark magic

The magic here is mostly dark, mysterious, and intense. Complicated like the dungeon of doom, mighty warriors oppose each other in the endless battle of glory and valor. Long has been this land in the denial of the victory of the deserving forces. The intensity of glory is beckoning legends and myths to fulfill their parts in the destiny of the inhabitants in Ultima Online. Here is the chance of redemption and here is the moment of victory. If you are deviant in your faith, you cannot survive.

To persist, you must engage in conflict. You have no fear of death, as you recall the story of Riyan Kincade of Fellucca. He was the one who had the new life, returned to him by the gypsy healer, and had the chance of redemption. With the peaceful song of respect and rest in his heart, he found the gypsies both in the brief hiatus of the afterlife and the life after the afterlife. The folklores of Ultima online have so many stories written down in the archives.

In the grimness of conflicts, where do you find thee? You find the weapon in your hand, and you find the opponents to destroy in bloody battles, but who are you? The cosmos of Ultima online demands you to be who you are at your valiant best. Be the courage of your compatriots and the death knell for your enemies. When slaying demons, you need to have the requisite mercilessness of the warrior who would stop at nothing but the victory of his/her cause at the crusade. Yes, the crusade is now!