Presently, Temple run game has become the top grossing game in the gaming world. You will hardly see any gadget around which hasn’t downloaded the game as yet. From kids to teenagers to elders all of them seem to be mesmerized by this game.

Initially this game was not available for free and only some gadgets were allowed to download it, but with its increasing public demand the free temple run download for Android is now available from Google Play store. You can also download it instantly on any gadget you want.

What is Temple Run all about?

The game that created great buzz in the gaming world is Temple run game. It is ridiculously addictive free game that has world-wide users since last year when it finally made its way to Android operating system. Stylistically, the entire game is done in Indian Jones theme which makes a great fulfilment for anybody who likes adventure.

In this Temple run app, you become the famous character Indiana Jones who cannot stop running. Clutching a golden icon in hands, your goal is to stay out of the clutches of the evil gorilla which are monstrous things (Do not panic it is just a game :)).

Running quickly, you need to try to avoid as many obstacles as you can in your narrow path by swiping and tilting to your right and sometimes left and winning your levels throughout. As the level moves further, the game becomes tougher with many virtual adventures within .

The real fun starts when you start collecting the golden coins on the narrow path while running, which will be activating your power-ups. These power ups also helps you increase your value of the golden coins you are collecting on the way. The game lets you have immediate restart from where you die.

Downloading the Game

You can either freely download or can play Temple run online, as it is far more engaging than other games which are hit on the gadgets. The reason is firstly it is an adventurous game and there is nothing tiring in it. Since, you are the hero and you can do many activities like run, jump, slide, but cannot stop. It is peaceful game that keeps increasing your pace and difficulties with the change of level.  For a second you will not feel that it is boring, the more you play the more you crave to win.

For the simple game like this the graphics are surprisingly and stunningly detailed. The game setting of the whole game is foggy moat surrounded by motion less water.  The obstacles that you need to cut through are cliffs, mossy rocks, wooden docks and burning arches. The game irrespective of dark décor looks great and brighter and the sharpness is noticeable.

Overall this is one awesome game to have on your gadget. The free download Temple Run for Android doesn’t crash or hang ups your gadget in between. It is really a nice game to indulge and addictive to lose through.

Apart from Google play store, you can download this game from Amazon as well as. So what are you waiting for! Just start with the game and have unlimited fun.

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