The impossible game spells addiction, tons of unalloyed fun and sheer excitement rolled in thrill. The game has topped the chart of best sellers on Xbox Live Indie platform. The incredibly simple and straightforward dose of fun involves maneuvering an automatic fast moving square within a level while the player makes his square jump over crumbling objects. The game gains in excitement as one progress through the level.

Doing perfect justice to the logically chosen name, the game seems to be really impossible to surmount. You are bound to fail but this failure will fill your indomitable spirit with an urge to start over again and try and continue to do so over and over again. The game is insanely addictive. The gamed offers a practice mode where the player can place down flags as he progresses through the plot so that he can pick up again from the last placed flag.

The theme of the game is sustained by the fact that the player is just granted one life with which he is required to successfully beat all the levels from start to end. The awesome graphics of the same is adequately synced with background music. The music composition features techno beats that add fuel to your motivation level and fill the air with tension.

Every time the player embarks on the impossible game, he is greeted with something novel and tougher. If you consider yourself the person who takes on challenges head on, you can exhibit your exceptional confidence and skill by beating the levels and proceeding with ease by tearing apart and pulling to ground all the difficulties posed by the game. The unique experience of playing this awesome game can be availed through internet gaming sites apart from Xbox 360 and iPhone.

The impossible game gives you something to boast in front of your friends. The game is wrapped in an extravagance of graphics and music that increases its appeal manifold times and gives the game a personality of its own. The clean layout and well defined steps will win you over.

The high tempo, fluidity and smooth transition through levels paves the way for an incredible ride. The minimalistic yet snazzy design will attract you and leave you craving for more appealing your instincts and prodding you to come back again and again to enjoy and drink in the sheer fun mixed creativity more and more.

All 3 levels of the Impossible Game Beaten (YouTube Video)