In today’s world, the rise and development of technology and machinery has witnessed various developments in the gaming sector. Airplane games has grown tremendously that no other gaming niche has grown as fast as like this.

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a much popular action packed video game series which was created by David Jones and Mike Daily. With the variety of 2d, 3d and hd series of games this has become one of the most exciting and favorite video games among the young adults.

Auto games has grown tremendously that no other gaming niche has grown. And for this reason GTA 6 series is one which is most awaited and there are huge number of people searching for the game and information on its release date online.

The GTA 6 releasing date is an anticipated dealing, as GTA 5 was released in 2013 September. GTA began in 1997 in 2D for PS1 alongside Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto game, which was the basic version, has received a great number of attractions and again in 1999 it had launched three versions which had shown the real accomplishment of GTA.

From then on Rock star have started to carry on its GTA sequence. The Grand Theft Auto Vice city has become a target for developers. The GTA Vice city have become so popular that even at present GTA game has been known for its series. The launching of GTA has shattered all sales reports worldwide.


Development of GTA6 and Its Release Date:

Beyond the story line and excellent graphics GTA 6 claims to give you much more. Even though there has been no authorized notice for GTA6 Release date there are a lot of hints which can be chosen that talks a lot regarding the GTA 6 advancement.

Although Rockstar have not declared any announcement date for GTA6, it is predicted that it might likely emerge in between 2018 to 2020. This has also claimed the rumors of the game releasing in 2017 are all fake. “GTA 6” is also believed to be accessible on Xbox one and PS4.

A related news statement added the releasing of the Grand Theft Auto 6 will be also followed by the mobile phone application versions of the same.

The main concern of all the gaming individuals and online society is that where would be the location of the game. The online community has been asking if the game would be done elsewhere or if it will be limited only to America.