MP4 format is getting more and more relevant today and it’s much loved especially when it comes to playing films on laptop and desktop- & when you want to publish your favorite video online. But then again, it might be a problem when you are looking to use DVD players since not each one of them could be compatible with the MPEG4.

However, don’t worry as you can easily tackle the situation by altering the file format, say by converting the MP4 format to a compatible option like AVI. Now, there are file converter software systems that would enable you to convert the MP4 files to AVI. The article below is a brief on how to work with mp4 to avi converter.

 MP4 to AVIStep 1- Download & install

First of all, you would have to download the video converter into your computer. Now, before you download, make sure to take a market survey between a handful of potential converter options since not all converter systems can promise you premium satisfaction. The one you take to should be backed by rave reviews and happy testimonials. Always settle with a highly reputed brand.

As you download the system, install the software as per the instructions. The best ones generally come up with intuitive interface which doesn’t call for more than the basic computing skills.

Step 2- Select file to convert

As you install the software, you will find something like “Add Video” on the screen. Click on it and it will allow you to select your needed MP4 video file which you are planning to convert into AVI. If you are planning to convert several files all at once, you have to find a converter that supports batch conversion.

Step 3- Choose format

After you select the file for conversion, the next task is to choose the needed video & audio formats. Pick your desired AVI preset.

Step 4- Select output folder & start conversion

Then, before you start to convert, you have to choose the desired output folder which is going to house the converted file. Now, it’s time to start the conversion process- you will find a “Convert” button- click on it & kick start the conversion.

If you are looking for suggestion on the top-line video converter options, Movavi Video Converter would be highly voted option. Movavi is an internationally acclaimed brand with happy customers in more than 150 countries.