A specific action game can bring amazing graphics along with tension and challenge than a real sniper may possibly encounter with. Anyway, everyone does not have the right to hold gun and shoot enemies who he want but, this can be definitely possible in the game world.

Action Games

Gone are the days when you were asked to pay for the specific games you want to play. Today, with the developments in technology, action games have become more accessible and made cost-free.

Moreover, you can now play them online without downloading every game to your system. What more convenience you expect from a technology driven source?

Starters who are just entered to the game world and searching for an interesting action are provided with top 5 action game details here.


This is a fast paced game including many challenges that make you feel an important part of the real world. This gaming scenario uses a wide variety of unique weaponry that may make you forget the world and who are around you till the game ends!

War Rock

This game has been launched as cost-free, which need you to buy additional supplies. You have to choose from the 5 important categories – Medic, Engineer, Sniper, Assault and Heavy Trooper. War Rocks includes around 3 primary game types and also 3 additional types. These 3 primary types include excellent challenges that make you play them game to combat the challenges.


This action game includes a lot of acrobatic moves along with highly fast paced strategies. Game offers unique features for the shooter and helps him/her to make remarkable stunts all over the game. Moreover, the game includes a small short training to help the player to be ready for any game.

F.+E.+A.+R. COMBAT Game


The name says the content of the game. It includes many outstanding encounters and unique gaming strategies that assist you make an exciting encounter throughout the game. Apart from this, the game is known for its multiplayer style and integrates many exclusive graphics that may appeal you.

Gunz The Duel

This game is just not like other shooter games. It additionally provides you with ability to use swords along with guns. While focusing on small levels, the game also does extreme extended acrobatics and very addictive game strategies.

So, here you will go for these action games! However, game source is very important to ensure safety and security of your systems files from being attacked by harmful viruses. There are many sources online offering action games to play directly online or to download to your system. You need to be very careful when downloading these games to your system.

Ensure that the source is highly reliable and won’t cause any harm to your computer. Install an effective anti-virus to your system and scan files before installing to the computer. This can safeguard your PC from almost all kinds of viruses and harmful attacks. This is the case of downloading option.

When it comes to choosing and playing games directly online, you may need to provide you email id and password to log on or may ask to create a login id to play games. Ensure that the site is risk-free and renowned for action games. Some sites may seize and hack your computer data and personal details once you login.

So, go for highly reliable and trusted game sites only. Ask friends, relatives and colleagues for references and recommendations of reliable game sites. Make a thorough research online on action game sources and then choose the most reliable and cost-free game source.