Fancy a car race? Whether you are just looking to hop into a glossy gas racer or want to unleash your inner petrol head, we got you covered here with the top 5 racing games that have remained on top for the recent years. All the gamers are welcome, whether you are on your PC, or kicking back on the couch with the gaming console, on the bus with your Smartphone. Check these out or you will be back in race!

If you are a devoted racing fan, it is obvious that you have been subscribing member of several racing games. But this time it is going to be different. You are ready to dive into top 5 racing games that are virtually racing across the globe. So strap in, grab your racing wheel and you are all set to check out some of the top racing experience around.

Track Mania 2 Stadium

Track mania is considered to be the king of the speed. There are no drifting challenges, or power ups, or cars to choose or modify them. Just insane courses and a record time to beat the opponent. Technically there aren’t even gamers virtually competitors dart the track when you race. There are no positions in traditional sense, and you cannot collide with them just the record of the top time that makes it to the winning point. The open beta version is running for few months and the game is all set to release.

F1 2012

The gamers have experienced a thrilling fun when they actually played this game. The comments were like strapping a seat belt on the rocket wheels. The racing is mindlessly futzing with the tire screeching noises. Virtually you are updated with the climatic conditions, mechanical details and road temperature when you race along with these racing monsters as you compete on F1 race tracks.

 F1 2012 Game

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

It’s a shocker- a kart racing game starring with mascots that is actually racing really good. The game is all about winning events on the amazing tracks that rewards with you with your racing points to level up your driver of your choice and there are stars to unlock the courses and characters.

Forza Horizon

The Forza racing series is a traditional simulation grade racing console that lets you races with other cars on challenging tracks at varied locations. It is an open world racing game that awards you with the points with the sweet jumps, daring maneuvers, epic crashes etc. You will enjoy driving recklessly and enjoy the spectacle.

Grid 2

The game is a desperate collection of the motorsport events combined together to form a global trotting competition through major virtual cities. The game doesn’t follow the footstep of its predecessor and very much stand exclusive from the usual racing game crowd. The game doesn’t lets you turn around or upgrade the cars neither there is an option to recover from a crash – just too few chances to do so. This game has been an entertaining romp for folks who are in mood for racing fun.

To experience the true racing fun, the above mentioned are top 5 racing games that have charted to the top by the gamers from all around the world. Play one of these and will instantly come to know why these racing games stand of the crowd.