Xbox 360 is the home video gaming console developed by Microsoft. The video game enthusiasts who want spend their leisure time in gaming can play video games of their genre by downloading it online.

Microsoft Xbox 360 is considered to be the most popular and the best among the other gaming consoles in the market. Once you play a game bought from a developer, you can get all those advanced features and gaming levels, themes on upgrades and updates. The age group of XBOX 360 is considered to be 12-17 years. However, is there really any restriction of age for game addiction?

When you decide in buying an XBOX device, few are to be taken into consideration. The first thing is about the version of the XBOX you are going to own and the next is about the accessories. Analyze the type of gaming console you are looking out for. If you plan to restrict your gaming device at home, it is best that you can buy a projector or a large screen with necessary accessories and have that all gaming spirit goes live. If you wish taking it to your friends or school, you can buy an accessory gear that helps you in easy transport.

Every year several gaming entertainment companies launch new and varied themes of gaming. But each one has a distinct feature and appearance over the other. Let us see the Top 5 Best XBOX 360 games.

Read on to find the popular games that are must-haves with your Xbox 360 gaming device.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This is a war-themed simulative game which is a multi-player game. Rather from the previous editions, this has come a long way to bring the gaming enthusiast to build strategies and fight against the enemies. The main attraction for this game is an excellent story play that keeps a gamer thrilled. Each level has a sort of suspense and you need to fight the enemies by appropriately using the right weapon from your arsenal.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto IV

The gamers are given a feeling that the gaming consoles are not for a show and to win the game, it has to be your massive weapon. The latest edition of GTA renders a lifelike gaming experience. This new enhanced version allows the player to run, climb, jump over the obstacles it face. It also enables the player in using the weapons to combat moving ahead to their freedom of choice. If you are tired of first-shooter games and is looking for a change, this game is for you.

Grand Theft Auto IV X box 360

NHL 12

If Hockey is your favorite sports, then bring life to your XBOX 360 with this game. It provides you to build your hockey player career. Each game mode has rich features and options. You can either trade for building a good team or build your career from CHL to NHL Legend.  Even if you are new to playing these sports, starting with NHL 12 is the right game than any other games available in the market.

NHL 12 XBox 360

L.A. Noire

Be a Detective and unravel the mysteries by playing this game. Suspects, witness makes each of the gaming level go forward. This is a master game and you need to completely work out your brain in solving the crime. Go for it and prove your mastery with this sound rich game.

L.A. Noire XBox 360

Gears of War 3

One of the best sequels in gaming till this date, this game can be played in multi-player mode. There are different game modes that you can play with. It has a beautiful storyline too. The Bosses in the game fighting with enemies are not mere additions to the series. You get a sense of accomplishment while playing this game.

Gears of War 3

Now that you have read about the Top 5 Xbox 360 Games, it’s your time to switch on the device and play on.