They say contentment and pleasure are priceless. So is the leisure. But if you have to splurge a huge sum of your earning on buying happiness and adding it to your leisure time, you can’t avoid giving it a second thought! Starting from eight to eighty, video game has always been the favourite pastime for years. Now, with the video game prices going higher, your free time has actually become very expensive! The video game companies have hiked the price of their product in a way which is becoming nearly unaffordable.

English: A Nintendo 64 video game console show...

English: A Nintendo 64 video game console shown with gray controller. This is the JPG version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reasons behind the price hike

If you are a video game devotee, you must be desperate to know the reason behind the video game prices getting really high! There is a span of time between the launch of a new console and its replacement by another dominant launch.

The span, mostly referred to as “life cycle” by the analysts, is the main controller of the gaming industry and its “demand-supply” curve. Plus, contrasting with the previous group of consoles, the present generation of 128-bit necessitates minimum 40 times ranks of code in order to utilize its capabilities in a proper way. That too is costly.

Apart from these reasons, there are marketing charges, security charges and also the amount a company has to pay for its development.

All these charges have become higher than before. There are, though, certain companies who claim that even with the charges going high, they have not hiked the product price. In fact, it can’t be said that customers have reacted negatively to video game prices. There is also a chance of underestimating a game because of its low price! That is, probably, another reason why it’s difficult to decide whether the industry is facing a challenge or not.


There is, however, a solution for you if you want your favourite game in a price lower than the usual. There are various rental sites of these video games. These sites generally offer you to hire discs online. This is a convenient option as far as affordability is concerned. The sites even offer you different collections for the gaming consoles. You won’t even have to purchase stamps from these sites. You can even hire a new game on returning the game you had hired previously. Whether video game prices are going high or not, you will never have to compromise with your leisure time!

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