Bored and sick of those monotonous video game wallpapers or desktop backgrounds? If you really are, then it’s high time you start thinking about something unique, something new.

Start searching for something that has never been used by that boring friend of yours. In fact, you need a thing that suits your mood and goes well with your lifestyle. Well, if you are the person who gets submerged into video games after having a long day, then video game wallpaper is just the thing for you! If your computer is the best companion you have, you better make it look as smart and cool as you are.

Video Game Wallpaper

Choosing a wallpaper

The process of choosing wallpaper is as easy as chatting with your friend on a social networking site. It is also very cheap. In fact, you might not have to spend a single cent on this. There are a huge number of websites that will let you download wallpapers for free. However, if you want the best collection of wallpapers, you will have to be choosy about websites. Only a chic site keeps a rich collection of video game wallpapers. You can also look for image files on various renowned search engines. The correct site can deliver the wallpaper of your choice in a jiffy.

Many of your favorite video games have launched wallpapers and screensavers. Popular games like Battlefield and Bio shock have introduced their wallpapers to the web market. Now, it is your choice whether you want battlefield wallpaper or bio shock wallpaper set as your desktop background. If you are using an android phone, you can also set these video game wallpapers as the background of your handset. So you can see, giving your computer or your phone a unique and innovative look is as simple as buying an ice cream!


However, as you have to be careful about not catching a cold as a result of having too many ice creams, you also need to pay attention towards the safety and security of your computer or your android phone. Just as in the case of an action game, there is a villain or a vamp, posing a major threat to your gadget. In this case, the antagonist is called virus! While setting a screen saver can act as a protection, it is not always the best possible solution. Make sure that your system is protected by a trustworthy antivirus before downloading your favorite video game wallpaper.