Video games are the most trendsetting entertainment gadget, which established from the mid 1990’s till date. Video game is an electronic gadget that uses a central processing system and a video output device that gives out the magical effects for the player. The video game mainly consists of 3 parts, they are, an input device, a central console for the processing, and an output device which is mainly a display unit like CRT or an LCD system.

A video cartridge composed in the form of a chip set is loaded into the central system to play the games and the choice of games depends on these cartridges. The video games are the ancestors of the present computer games and the play station games. The video game made all the growing children into its diehard fan and this is the reason for its popularity.

The games offered in the video games are of different categories including sports, comic, adventures, and puzzle. The input device available for video games is keyboards, joysticks, steering wheels to play racing games etc.

Video game history

Video Game History

Video game history is quite interesting. In the mid 90’s the electronic entertainment gadgets were came into existence. The first type was coin operated systems with black and white displays as the video interface.

The video games are developed from these electronic devices with a little change made into the existing system. The emergence of video games created a trendsetter in the gaming world. People of all the age groups enjoy playing the video games.

During the initial period, people ran into computer outlets to get new games. Various companies released a variety of games according to the new trends.

Video Game – rise and fall

Advancements in the video gaming industry gave rise of play station games, commonly known as PS. Various versions of play stations namely PS1, PS2, PS3 etc replaced the video games and this made the video game into history. The invention and development of computer games fully wiped off the video games from the present world.

There were various limitations for the video games. They cannot be upgraded as we do in computer peripherals. So any advancement in the video game can be experienced only with the replacement of the existing system to the new one.

Next is the power consumption, the power consumption of video games are quite high which made them to prefer a less. The less service availability of these gadgets made another reason for the extinction of these stuffs.

History of Video Games